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  AUGUST 10 - 12


Lincoln Festival Chorus members
Lincoln Festival Chorus members


Dates and Reminders


Monday August 6:           Ticket pick up – each Chorus member is kindly asked to try to sell at least                      4 tickets. We have a nice concert filled with variety to please different                            musical tastes so please help bring in an audience to hear us! Please note:                      there are different tickets (but same price) for Friday and Sunday concerts.

                  Check name for program and write the town/state you would like listed as                    your home. This will be interesting information for audience members.


Thursday, August 9:        You are invited to the Arts and Yachts Reception   5 – 7:00 pm at Hodgdon        Yacht Services, Southport. See Arts and Yachts page for more info.

Monday, August 13:        Chorus rehearsal

                                         Turn in money for ticket sales (starting at 6:30 p.m.) / get more tickets                                                   to sell ?

Thursday, August 16       Dress Rehearsal 6:30 p.m.


Friday, August 17             Concert –6:00 p.m arrival or Linda’s choice.


Sunday, August 19          Concert – Linda will decide on arrival time for warm-ups based on what           she feels it is important to review before performance. Stay tuned.


    Afterglow Reception – Bring a plate of “finger food” to share and plan to            stay at least for a little while after the concert. Bring your guests. Everyone        is invited. It is a nice way to give a sense of closure to our season.


BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE CHURCH RETURN ALL ORGINAL MUSIC. There will be a milk crate and large canvas bag on a table downstairs. A smaller container will be there to collect your name tag so it will be ready and waiting for you next summer!   If you have aggressively dark personal notes in your music it would be nice if you would do some erasing. If your notes are less intrusive, don’t bother.  You don’t need to erase or return any pieces that are on copier paper.


Concert Order:

Faure Requiem. No folder. If your copy has a bright sticker on the front place it on the inside of the cover.

** Intermission                **

(Black folder for this half of the concert)

An American Hymn

Five Foot Two (Tenors and Basses)

Boogie Woogie (Sopranos and Altos)

All the Things You Are

Make Believe

Selections from Carousel


Concert Dress:

Everyone: Please no perfumes, or any other scented products including deodorants, after-shaves                         or hairspray

                  Comfortable shoes a must and conservative jewelry is fine (a small chain, beads, or                            pendant; the rings you regularly wear; but no large “statement pieces”) It's best to leave                      bracelets and pins at home.

                 Ensure your white blouse or shirt is truly white (it should match a piece of white copier                     paper)


Men:  Black shoes, socks, pants, black belt and black bow tie with a white short-sleeved shirt. If it is very hot and humid often we declare it a “No-tie night” but plan to have a bow tie with you in case the weather cooperates.


Women: Black shoes (any closed-toe style including clogs, oxfords or all black canvas shoes are okay. Comfort is so important!); black stockings or knee-highs; ANKLE-LENGTH long black skirt or nice black pants (no jeans or tights and obviously no above-the-ankle pants such as capris!); with a white short-sleeved blouse.

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