Lincoln Festival Chorus members
Lincoln Festival Chorus members

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Carpooling is a great idea -- especially if you are travelling any distance for Monday rehearsals! Contact us at if you are interested in setting up a carpool. 



Concert Dress


General guidelines for everyone

*No perfumes or scented hairspray for concerts. Some people find it more difficult to breathe in their presence.

*Hold a piece of white paper against your shirt or blouse to make sure it is truly white. Ivory, ecru, and other nearly-white shades ruin the picture.

*Wear your most comfortable black shoes, but please, no sandals. "Audition" your footwear during dress rhearsal to make sure you can be comfortable in it throughout the concert.

*If you choose to wear jewelry steer clear of large "statement" pieces.

*Don't wear your concert clothes to "dress rehearsal".


 Black shoes, socks and pants; white short-sleeved shirt and black bow tie. Don't worry, if the weather is hot on a performance day we will jettison the tie -- but be sure to bring one  with you since the decision will probably be made just before the concert.



Black shoes and stockings, long (ankle-length) black skirt or full-length slacks; white short-sleeved blouse. 



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